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Prairie Bomb Outfitters is based in the Amarillo Texas area and has worked with local landowners to secure exclusive access to over 100,000 acres of premium hunting locations. After 15 years of hunting in these areas, our primary goal is to create an amazing, safe, and successful hunting experience for our guests.

With no other hunters able to access our locations we are able to ensure the land is never over hunted or burned out. Prior to your hunt, our team scouts or land tracks to ensure we are on the birds and getting bombed in an environmentally conscious process.


Every hunter has been there and done that. It is our duty to continue to keep our clients, team, and partners safe at all times. We will require that every hunter, experienced or not, have the proper licensing, required education (if applicable) and state/federal stamps. We do a basic safety overview and evaluation prior to each hunt, if you are new to hunting, don't worry! We will ensure you are up to speed with safety prior to departure.

Safety will never be compromised and we stress this with each hunter as we debrief prior to each outing. No Alcohol and/or illegal drugs of any kind are allowed on the hunt and/or in person or you will forfeit your costs to date.


It's simple, we do all the work. All of the staging of decoys and setup and take-down of blinds will be facilitated by our team. Hunters just be prepared to be safe, stay warm and shoot.

Carson Raines, Guide

Grayam Kemp, Guide



Carson Raines

A South Carolina Native, Carson grew up hunting and has been guiding for the past 6 years throughout South Carolina and Texas. The original country boy, Carson is always busy with the outdoors hunting, fishing, and doing landscaping during the off season. Carson's passion is taking people to places they would never be able to hunt with preset decoys, setting calls, and watching the clients get bombed.

Carson Raines, Guide

Grayam Kemp

Never one to sit still, Grayam has always kept busy and over the past 15 seasons has built his experience to be a quite proficient guide. With 4 years being a professional guide, Grayam loves the camaraderie of new clients and the connections he makes while taking them to some special places around the country. His new sidekick a brown Labrador named "Brake" always wants to tag along when he can.

Grayam, Guide

Emmitt, Non-slip Retriever

Our 5 year old pure bread AKC Black Labrador, Emmitt originally was selected to be the breeders personal duck and stud dog but was luckily sold to Prairie Bomb Outfitters. He has been professionally trained as a performance dog and will earn his JR. title this year.

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